gplots: Various R Programming Tools for Plotting Data


> library(gplots)

Attaching package: 'gplots'

The following object is masked from 'package:stats':


バージョン: 2.17.0

関数名 概略
balloonplot Plot a graphical matrix where each cell
contains a dot whose size reflects the relative magnitude of the corresponding component.
bandplot Plot x-y Points with Locally Smoothed Mean and Standard Deviation
barplot2 Enhanced Bar Plots
boxplot.n Defunct functions
boxplot2 Produce a Boxplot Annotated with the Number of Observations
ci2d Create 2-dimensional empirical confidence regions
col2hex Convert color names to hex RGB strings
colorpanel Generate a smoothly varying set of colors
deprecated Deprecated functions
heatmap.2 Enhanced Heat Map
hist2d Compute and Plot a 2-Dimensional Histogram
lmplot2 Plots to assess the goodness of fit for the linear model objects
lowess Scatter Plot Smoothing
ooplot.default Create an OpenOffice style plot
overplot Plot multiple variables on the same region, with appropriate axes
plotCI Plot Error Bars and Confidence Intervals
plotmeans Plot Group Means and Confidence Intervals
qqnorm.aov Makes a half or full normal plot for the effects from an aov model
residplot Undocumented functions
rich.colors Rich Color Palettes
rtPCR Teratogenesis rtPCR data
sinkplot Send textual R output to a graphics device
space Space points in an x-y plot so they don't overlap.
textplot Display text information in a graphics plot.
venn Plot a Venn diagram
wapply Compute the Value of a Function Over a Local Region Of An X-Y Plot