plotKML: Visualization of Spatial and Spatio-Temporal Objects in Google Earth

Google Earthでの空間・時空間オブジェクトの可視化

> library(plotKML)
Error: package or namespace load failed for 'plotKML'

バージョン: 0.5.6

関数名 概略
HRprec08 Daily precipitation for Croatia for year 2008
HRtemp08 Daily temperatures for Croatia for year 2008
LST Time series of MODIS LST images
RasterBrickSimulations-class A class for spatial simulations containing equiprobable gridded features
RasterBrickTimeSeries-class A class for a time series of regular grids
SAGA_pal Colour palettes for numeric variables
SpatialMaxEntOutput-class A class for outputs of analysis produced using the dismo package (MaxEnt)
SpatialMetadata-class A class for spatial metadata
SpatialPhotoOverlay-class A class for Spatial PhotoOverlay
SpatialPredictions-class A class for spatial predictions produced using 'gstat' package
SpatialSamplingPattern-class A class for spatial samples produced using various 'spsample' methods
SpatialVectorsSimulations-class A class for spatial simulations containing equiprobable line, point or polygon features
aesthetics Plotting aesthetics parameters
barxyz Baranja hill case study
bigfoot Bigfoot reports (USA)
check_projection Extracts the proj4 parameters and checks if the projection matches the referent CRS
col2kml Convert a color strings to the KML format
count.GridTopology Counts the number of occurrences of a list of vector object over a GridTopology
display.pal Display a color palette
eberg Ebergotzen - soil mapping case study
fmd 2001 food-and-mouth epidemic, north Cumbria (UK)
geopath Geopath - shortest trajectory line between two geographic locations
getCRS Methods to get the proj4 string
getWikiMedia.ImageInfo Gets EXIF information
gpxbtour GPS log of a bike tour
grid2poly Converts a gridded map to a polygon map
kml-methods Write to a KML file
kml.tiles Write vector object as tiled KML
kml_compress Compress a KML file with auxiliary files
kml_description Generate a table description from a data frame
kml_layer Write objects to a KML connection
kml_layer.Raster Writes raster objects to KML
kml_layer.RasterBrick Export a time series of images to KML
kml_layer.STIDF Write irregular spatio-temporal observations (points, lines and polygons) to KML
kml_layer.STTDF Write a space-time trajectory to KML
kml_layer.SoilProfileCollection Writes a list of soil profiles to KML
kml_layer.SpatialLines Writes spatial lines to KML
kml_layer.SpatialPhotoOverlay Exports objects of type SpatialPhotoOverlay to KML
kml_layer.SpatialPixels Writes SpatialPixels or SpatialGrid objects to KML
kml_layer.SpatialPoints Writes spatial points to KML
kml_layer.SpatialPolygons Writes spatial polygons to KML Generates a legend bar (PNG file)
kml_legend.whitening Whitening legend (PNG)
kml_metadata Add metadata table to the active layer
kml_open Open / close a KML file connection
kml_screen Add a screen overlay
makeCOLLADA Generate a COLLADA file representing the 3D model of a rectangle
metadata2SLD-methods Methods to create a Styled Layer Description (SLD) file
metadata2SLD.SpatialPixels Writes a Styled Layer Description (SLD) file
normalizeFilename Normalize filename string
northcumbria Polygon boundary of north Cumbria
plotKML-method Methods for plotting results of spatial analysis in Google Earth
plotKML-package Visualization of spatial and spatio-temporal objects in Google Earth
plotKML.GDALobj Write tiled objects to KML
plotKML.env plotKML specific environmental variables / paths
readGPX Import GPX (GPS track) files
readKML.GBIFdensity Imports GBIF cell density records
reproject Methods to reproject maps to a referent coordinate system (WGS84)
sp.palette-class A class for color palette
spMetadata Methods to generate spatial metadata
spPhoto Generate an object of class '"SpatialPhotoOverlay"'
vect2rast Convert points, lines and/or polygons to rasters
vect2rast.SpatialPoints Converts points to rasters
whitening whitening
worldgrids_pal Standard global color palettes for factor variables


> data("HRprec08") # data.frame
Warning in data("HRprec08"): data set 'HRprec08' not found
> prec.2008.05.01 <- HRprec08[HRprec08$DATE=="2008-05-01",]
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): object 'HRprec08' not found
> sp::coordinates(prec.2008.05.01) <- ~Lon+Lat
Error in sp::coordinates(prec.2008.05.01) <- ~Lon + Lat: object 'prec.2008.05.01' not found
> sp::proj4string(prec.2008.05.01) <- sp::CRS("+proj=lonlat +datum=WGS84")
Warning in sp::CRS("+proj=lonlat +datum=WGS84"): 'lonlat' changed to
'longlat': +proj=longlat +datum=WGS84
Error in sp::proj4string(prec.2008.05.01) <- sp::CRS("+proj=lonlat +datum=WGS84"): object 'prec.2008.05.01' not found
> # plot(prec.2008.05.01)
> shape = ""
> data("SAGA_pal") # list
Warning in data("SAGA_pal"): data set 'SAGA_pal' not found
> SAGA_pal[[9]]
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): object 'SAGA_pal' not found
> # kml(prec.2008.05.01, size = PREC, shape = shape, colour = PREC, 
> #     colour_scale = SAGA_pal[[9]], labels = PREC)


> data("gpxbtour")
Warning in data("gpxbtour"): data set 'gpxbtour' not found
> gpxbtour %>% head()
Error in eval(expr, envir, enclos): object 'gpxbtour' not found


> kml_open("prec.2008.05.01.kml")