biotools: Tools for Biometry and Applied Statistics in Agricultural Science


> library(biotools) # バグがあるっぽい

バージョン: 2.2

関数名 概略
`D2.disc`` Discriminant Analysis Based on Mahalanobis Distance
`D2.dist`` Pairwise Squared Generalized Mahalanobis Distances
aer Apparent Error Rate
`biotools-package`` Tools for Biometry and Applied Statistics in Agricultural Science
`boxM`` Box's M-test
`confusionmatrix`` Confusion Matrix
coph.tocher Cophenetic Distances for Tocher's Clustering
cov2pcov Partial Covariance Matrix
creategroups Creating Homogeneous Groups
distClust Cluster Distance Matrix
findSubsample Finding an Optimized Subsample
fitplotsize Parameter Estimation of the Plot Size Model
garlicdist Distances Between Garlic Cultivars
mantelPower Power of Mantel's Test
mantelTest Mantel's Permutation Test
multcor.test Pairwise Correlation t-Test
optimumplotsize Maximum Curvature Point for Optimum Plot Size
pathanalysis Path Analysis, Simple and Under Collinearity
peppercorr Correlations Between Pepper Variables
predict.D2.disc Classify Multivariate Observations by Mahalanobis Distance
raise.matrix Raising a Square Matrix to a Power
samplesize Minimum Sample Size
singh Importance of Variables According to the Singh (1981) Criterion
tocher Tocher's Clustering