cartography: Thematic Cartography


> library(cartography)
Loading required package: sp

バージョン: 1.0

関数名 概略
carto.pal Build Cartographic Palettes
cartography Cartography Package
cartography.colors Color Palettes
choroLayer Choropleth Layer
coasts.spdf Coastline of Europe
countries.spdf Countries in the European Area
discLayer Discontinuities Layer
discretization Discretization
display.carto.all Display all Cartographic Palettes
display.carto.pal Display one Cartographic Palette
dotDensityLayer Dot Density layer
frame.spdf Frame around Europe
getBorders Extract SpatialPolygonsDataFrame Borders
getGridData Compute Data for a Grid Layer
getGridLayer Build a Regular Grid Layer
getLinkLayer Create a SpatialLinesDataFrame from a Data Frame of Links.
getTiles Get Tiles from Open Map Servers
gradLinkLayer Graduated Links Layer
graticule.spdf Graticule around Europe
labelLayer Label Layer
layoutLayer Layout Layer
legendBarsSymbols Legend for Proportional Bars Maps
legendChoro Legend for Choropleth Maps
legendCirclesSymbols Legend for Proportional Circles Maps
legendGradLines Legend for Graduated Size Lines Maps
legendPropLines Legend for Proportional Lines Maps
legendPropTriangles Legend for Double Proportional Triangles Maps
legendSquaresSymbols Legend for Proportional Squares Maps
legendTypo Legend for Typology Maps
nuts0.df Nuts0 Dataset
nuts0.spdf Nuts0 Regions
nuts1.df Nuts1 Dataset
nuts1.spdf Nuts1 Regions
nuts2.df Nuts2 Dataset
nuts2.spdf Nuts2 Regions
nuts3.df Nuts3 Dataset
nuts3.spdf Nuts3 Regions
propLinkLayer Proportional Links Layer
propSymbolsChoroLayer Proportional and Choropleth Symbols Layer
propSymbolsLayer Proportional Symbols Layer
propSymbolsTypoLayer Proportional Symbols Typo Layer
propTrianglesLayer Double Proportional Triangle Layer
tilesLayer Plot Tiles from Open Map Servers
twincities Twin Cities Dataset
typoLayer Topology Layer
world.spdf World Background