datacheckr: Data Frame Column Name, Class and Value Checking

> library(datacheckr)

バージョン: 0.1.1

関数名 概略
check_cols Check Cols
check_count Checks Count
check_data1 Check Data1
check_data2 Check Data2
check_data3 Check Data3
check_data_frame Check Data Frame
check_date Checks Date
check_flag Checks Flag
check_int Checks Int
check_join Check Join
check_key Check Key
check_number Checks Number
check_rows Check Rows
check_scalar Check Scalar
check_string Checks String
check_time Checks Time
check_values Check Values
check_vector Check Vector
datacheckr datacheckr
max_integer Maximum Integer Value
max_nrow Maximum Number of Rows
min_integer Minimum Integer Value


> data.frame(x = c(NA, 1)) %>% check_cols()


> check_count(x, x_name = substitute(x))